Bring Back Our Girls

My heart is drawn and I cannot revert it. My soul is torn, my spirit tortured. For the loss of my country women. Whose crime in the eyes of evil was to pick up paper and pen. They’ve stolen our babies and they’re yet to return. 230 taken, 187 still gone. And the government will continue as though nothing is wrong. A mere inconvenience in the face of elections to be won. Give us our children, give us our babies back I hear them cry, I hear her cry. One united voice singularly echoing her pain. At her children wrenched from her, she prays her protests will not be in vain. Her voice, the voice of anguish, of those with no say. For if she represented the voice of the powerful, there’d surely be hell to pay. But they carry on with the same immobility, Demonstrating the lack of consequence for human life. The disregard for the strife of the ordinary in Nigeria. The one who doesn’t have money, power or bribes to offer. Blood-tainted iPhones Diamond- encrusted despair. Guilt-shamed gluttony All is laid bare. And still we wait for the day that they come to understand. That 187 missing, is 187 too many, from one land. When will this evil end? When will peace reign, or even exist? 100 years since unification- the end results is this. Bring Back Our Girls. Zoe Olukoga The call is not about bashing a government, for condemnations sake. Because really all we care about is seeing these young girls returned safe. But how could this have even happened in the first place? And how can any response at all have come two weeks too late? This is not about calling the government to act irrationally and without discretion. We don’t want to see these babies slain. This is not about raising the alarm of the international community just for raising alarms sake. The situation has to be handled properly, but already we are 2 weeks too late. This is not about being seen to act. This is about not acting at all. A duty to protect the citizens, the children of the nation- the future. Almost 200 of our young have been abducted, doubts exist as to whether they are even still in the country. And it’s just been allowed to happen. What on earth does that say about our nation? Bring Back Our Girls Photo Credit: @laolusenbanjo – Instagram


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