Kicking off Human Rights Act Campaign Week!

What is the UK Human Rights Act and why should you care? Will the government’s bid to scrap the Human Rights Act in favour of a British Bill of Rights strengthen or erode the protection of human rights in the UK?

To help you answer these questions, LSESU Amnesty International is hosting a range of events, from debates, to panel discussions to film screenings, during Human Rights Act week. Here’s what’s on tap:

Credit: The Huffington Post

Monday November 30: A parliamentary style debate on whether the human rights act should be repealed, with experts from prestigious law chambers.

6p.m. in Clement House 2.02

The key question being debated: Should the UK government scrap the Human Rights Act 1998 in favour of a British Bill of Rights, as proposed by the Conservative Party in their electoral campaign earlier this year, which would see a departure from the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights?

Tuesday December 1: Panel discussion on the importance of the Human Rights Act and the effect of its repeal on individuals

6p.m. in 32 Lincoln’s Inn LG.03

Panelists include:

Rachel Krys, communications director at Equally Ours, a campaign set up by eight UK charities to talk about the importance of human rights and their link to everyday life. Martha Spurrier, a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, specialising in public law and civil claims against public authorities. She is also a member of the Equality and Human Rights Commission panel of specialist counsel and set up the crowd funding campaign, Act for the Act. Laura Trevelyan, a priority campaign manager on the Human Rights Act and the outreach coordinator for Amnesty UK.

The panel will be chaired by Professor Jo Murkens.

CANCELLED Wednesday December 2: Workshop: How to use media and blogs to debate human right issues.

3-4p.m. in Clement House 1.02

The workshop will be hosted by journalist Jon Danzig.

Thursday December 3: Film screening of McLibel. From 2005, this film is about the famous McLibel trial and exposes how difficult it was for two individuals to bring a case to the European Court of Human Rights without the Human Rights Act.

5-7p.m. in Clement House 7.03

Come check out these engaging and informative events or if you can’t make it, keep up to date through the blog.

Katie DeRosa, Staff Writer


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