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Malak Azer

Malak is a second-year,  studying a BSc in Politics and International Relations at the LSE. Coming from Egypt, she is having difficulty adjusting to the lack of sunshine in the UK! When foreign policy analysis and political theory aren’t taking up most of her time, she’s reading novels, listening to music (and wishing she could play an instrument), or going to brunch with her flatmates. Malak is passionate about many human right’s issues, and especially empowering women in the Middle East. She one day hopes to officially represent her country as an international human right’s lawyer.


Blog Writers

Anushka Sikka

Anushka finished her high school education at an International School in Singapore and currently studies LLB Laws at the LSE. She aspires to be involved in international development and human rights initiatives in the future and facilitate in the implementation of international laws. She occasionally suffers from existential crises but jumps back into being a normal teenager to pursue hobbies such as theatre, guitar and reading. Her particular human rights interests are targeted towards LGBTI+ rights as well as gender equality and autonomous decision making for women.


Stephen Sanders

Stephen Sanders is a Social Cultural Psychology MSc student from Greenwood, South Carolina, USA. He spent the majority of his undergraduate education at Lander University, SC (2010-2015), where he majored in English Literature, minored in History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, and worked as a logic and composition tutor. He also studied philosophy and psychology briefly at the University of Winchester (2012), Cambridge University (2013), Harvard University (2014), and the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (2015), and taught ESL in his hometown library (2016). He is passionate about public education, animal rights, environmentalism, and epistemic responsibility.


Jenny Lanigan

Jenny Lanigan is an LLM (Master of Laws) student at LSE, specialising in human rights and public international law. She is particularly interested in women’s rights, and hopes to work in this area of law in the future.


Sahba Mohtadi

Sahba is a second year Law student. Despite the relentless pressure of the lucrative city lifestyle grinding down his optimistic aspirations, he remains hopeful that he can contribute to the world of human rights as a lawyer. As a Baha’i, he has been exposed to numerous individuals who have been victims of institutionalised religious persecution existing in the Middle East, which inspires him to contribute to the creation of a world in which such widespread violations of fundamental rights are wiped out. Other than that, his life is pretty normal: trying to have hobbies and fun around his ridiculous LSE reading list.


Lucia Cirimello

Lucia is in the Development Management postgraduate program at the LSE. She was born in Argentina, where she studied a BA in International Studies. She has always been passionate about fighting poverty, reducing inequality and defending human rights, and hopes to pursue a career in the Development sector. She is also very fond of travelling, getting to know other cultures, and learning different languages.


Lucy Merchant

Lucy is a postgraduate student at LSE on the MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies. She has a BA in International Relations from the University of Nottingham and before coming to LSE interned for a humanitarian NGO in London and a local human rights organisation in Cambodia, where she was involved in the creation of a report about abuses of transgender women in urban centres. She has also worked with youth volunteers and is passionate about communicating and raising awareness of human rights and development issues through education and the media, as well as issues of freedom of expression and representation.



Blog Editors

Faryal Ahmed

Faryal is studying a BSc in Social Policy and Sociology at LSE. She is interested in policy advocacy for protection of human rights, particularly in South Asia.


Yllka Krasniqi

Yllka is a second year undergraduate student studying Government and History. Coming from Kosovo, she is particularly interested in human rights violations in the Balkans. Her other interests are focused upon the accessibility of education, gender equality, and rights for refugees. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, reading fantasy novels, and learning French.


Stefanos Argyros

Stefanos is a third year undergraduate LLB Law Student from Greece, where he attended the French School of Athens. He is particularly interested in international law and human rights and aims to pursue further study in a related field. He hopes that the LSESU Amnesty International blog will give students an opportunity to share their perspectives on human rights and highlight the thought provoking campaigns Amnesty is running this year.