President – Lily Chamberlain 

Greetings, fellow Amnesty supporters. I’m LSESU Amnesty International’s President for the academic year. Once I’ve completed my History BA, I plan to train as an international Human Rights lawyer, with an especial focus on the Russian Federation. If you have any questions at all about how LSE Amnesty is run, or how to get involved in any of our excellent campaigns, be sure to give me a shout at And if possible, do it in Russian – I’ll be doubly impressed.12227454_10205144147225850_1659458971_o

Vice President – Josh Kemp

I’m Vice President of LSESU Amnesty International Society. My role is primarily to support the President in directing the work of the committee throughout the year. I have also taken on responsibility for coordinating our Write for Rights campaign for 2015. I’m a second year undergraduate studying International Relations, and I am especially interested in refugee and women’s rights, having organised a campaign on this in my first year. You can contact me at


Secretary – Nancy Jones
Hello there I’m Nancy. I’m a first year government student and your Amnesty secretary. My main role is corresponding with all our members and making sure everyone is up to date with the society’s campaigns and events.
Treasurer – Holly Smith
Hi I’m Holly, a 2nd year studying Government, and the Treasurer for the Amnesty International Society. I’ve always lived in London, and I’m also involved with the Animal Rights Society at LSE.
Publications Manager – Margot Charles

My name is Margot, and I’m the Publications Manager: I’m responsible for the Journal and the Blog. During my undergraduate summers, I did two internships in Cambodia where I was introduced to and developed an interest for the issue of human trafficking, particularly with regards to migratory flows. My friends tell me I have a tendency to ramble, so Amnesty’s publications are a perfect way for me to get my stream of conciousness onto paper! I can be reached at regarding any questions or concerns.

Headshot Margot Charles
Campaign Officer – Annabelle Wilmott
I am studying an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies. I am a Campaigns Officer, currently running the Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Campaign. My interest in social justice began at age 5, when my mom was involved with the sidewalk campaign for our community, and had us remove “no sidewalks” signs out of yards. Since then, I have gotten involved in my own ways. During my undergraduate degree, I founded the Human Rights Club at my university. I am so honored to be part of your Amnesty committee here at LSE, and I know it is going to be a great year!
Campaign Officer – Jean Sarhadar
Hey, my name’s Jean and I am a 2nd year law student. I am also one out of the four campaign managers in the society; my campaign will be on the Human Rights Act.
Campaign Officer – Aga Maciejewska
I’m doing a Masters in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the International Development department.Prior to coming to LSE I studied International Politics at King’s College London. I’ve been an Amnesty activist since 2009, starting with Amnesty local group in Warsaw and then as VP of KCL Amnesty for two years. My main area of interests, as far as human rights are concerned, is migration, refugee rights as well as migrant worker rights. In this year’s Committee I’m responsible for the LGBT+ rights campaign.


Campaign Officer – Mario Levin

I’m a postgraduate student of International Relations.  My campaign is going to take place on the week of February 8th-12th, 2016 and is going to deal with mass surveillance. Governments around the world, including the UK government, are collecting data about our private emails, calls, internet searches, contact lists, phone locations and vast amounts of other data they do not need. If you have any interest in this issue, you are invited to join the subcommittee and be a part of the team behind this campaign. For more information email me at

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Youth Stop Aids Officer – Chris Fairley 
As Youth Stop AIDS officer I run the campaigns at LSE focused on fighting the spread of and stigma around HIV. Despite the progress made when it comes to HIV we still have a long way to go, so we’ll be holding screenings, talks, workshops and lobbying campaigns aimed at helping improve our approach to HIV as a society, focusing on the spread of disease (over 35 million people suffer from HIV), the availability of treatment (less than 40% of those with HIV have access to the treatment they need to live a full life) and ignorance surrounding HIV (around one in four people living with HIV in the uk are unaware they have it). I would be the first port of call for anyone at LSE who wants to help fight HIV or learn more and I’m more than happy to help 🙂
Publicity Officer – Taybah Siddiqi 
Hi! I’m an second year Law student and my particular area of interest within human rights is refugee rights. It is me who will be spamming your Facebook and Twitter feeds promoting everything we are doing this year, so apologies in advance but I hope you can get involved with the society this year!
Publicity Officer – Meghna Mohanka
Hi, I’m Meg, a second year from India studying Social Policy and Government. I’m obsessively fond of sunshine, identify as a massive socialist feminist and spend most of my time trying (and failing) to be vegan. Besides being Publicity Officer, I’m involved with the squash team, International Security, the Animal Rights Society, and serve as a peer supporter so if you have questions at all about anything ranging from animal to human rights, please, please feel free to get in touch!